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A film by Martin Sommerburg

In a career spanning nearly four decades, Nicholas Sinclair has made a strikingly diverse range of photographs. His output embraces portraiture, landscape, performance and street art and has been widely exhibited in museums and galleries throughout Europe.

Filmed in Berlin, where Sinclair has lived since 2009, this profile features work from every stage the artist's career and shows him working in his studio and in the urban landscape.

In interview he discusses lighting techniques, pictorial structure, the challenges of photographing people and the circumstances surrounding some of his best known images.
Rhythm of the Blood

I first worked with Daniel Hernandez and Paola Ming in 2020 and after seeing the results of our work together I felt that I should make a short film with them as a way of extending the qualities I could see in the still photographs. They interact so beautifully together and have such a tangible chemistry that transferring these qualities into movement and time seemed an inevitable next step.

The starting point for this story was a line from Albert Camus's final, unfinished novel The First Man: "Controlled by the rhythm of the blood and the day and the night and the seasons." I imagined an environment using light and sound where the two characters could develop their own form of contemporary dance and tell a subliminal story. I include two lines from the Shakespeare play Anthony and Cleopatra to give the audience a clue to the nature of this story.