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Crossing the Water - book cover
With an essay by Professor David Alan Mellor
and an afterword by Ian Jeffrey
Published by Photoworks
ISBN 1 903796 02 4
Distributed by Cornerhouse Publications, Manchester

This series of black and white photographs is a meditation on the changing atmospheres of one rural site, a lake in East Sussex. The photographs were taken as Nicholas Sinclair returned to this site over several years, through different seasons and at different times of day; the lake and its dense surrouding vegitation transformed by patterns of growth and decay and by changing light and weather conditions.

As David Alan Mellor says in his introduction to the book : " In Sinclair’s photographs the tree spirits latent gather, in a scarcely heard murmur, to twist and animate the chilled air around the lake." The work’s pensive, analytical tone is undercut by other references to the fantastic and the gothic, " a terrain co-ordinated by the images and strategies of artists as diverse as Rudolph Bresdin, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Smithson, Mat Collishaw, Whistler and Tennyson. "